Stopping Your Divorce or Separation, even when the situation seems hopeless

The Alliance Legal Group & The Law Offices of Steve C Taylor Hampton Roads family law firms

Dear Friend,

Of course, you want to save your marriage.

But you're confused, afraid, and you don't know where to turn. You want to save your relationship more than anything else, and you should. Marriage is a bond ordained by our Creator. Severing the marriage relationship can be the emotional equivalent of a radical amputation. .What God Has Joined together, Let no Man put asunder.. If there are Children involved the importance involved is multiplied. So, we agree with you, If your relationship can be saved and separation or divorce avoided. If your divorce or separation can be stopped, the first thing to do is to take an inventory of the situation:

1. Has your spouse hired an Attorney?

You cannot use the same attorney as your spouse. You should select a lawyer who understands your desires to avoid a divorce and will assist you in your attempts to save your relationship but will protect your rights should your spouse proceed further with the divorce or separation. If your Spouse has not yet hired an attorney , you should choose one which will provide you with assistance in saving your marriage and avoiding the divorce and separation.

(This first step of the assessment is important, as attorneys earn their living by providing the legal assistance needed to proceed with the separation and divorce. The Alliance legal group and The Law office of Steve C Taylor are Christian law firms and family friendly attorneys who see as their first priority the saving of your marriage. Lawyers employed here are committed to helping your family through a difficult time and helping you avoid a divorce or separation if possible.)

2. Have you been asked to sign a Separation Agreement?

Do not sign a separation agreement without first reviewing it with your attorney. If you are a person of faith, submit each step of this process to prayer. Ask you r lawyer for legal guidance but depend on higher counsel for moral direction. If he will, ask your attorney to join you in prayer.

3. Are you both still living in the marital home? Has your spouse left or indicated a plan to leave or ask you to?

It is usually better to stop the dissolution process at what ever stage it is. In most cases it is better if you both remain in the marital home. There are of course considerations (your safety and that of any dependent children for example) Ask your attorney to recommend a marriage counselor who could help with decisions and strategies for retarding any movement toward separation or divorce, without endangering yourself or your dependents and which takes into consideration the best direction for salvaging the marriage. (Planned separations or vacations from each other can some times be a strategy for subsequent reunion.)

Family friendly Lawyers and attorneys can be of assistance at every step of the way. It is often possible to avoid separation and divorce even when only one spouse is willing to try! Ask one of our Lawyers for the book .How To Save Your Marriage.