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Divorce is a difficult time for families, emotionally and financially; Your Norfolk divorce attorney understands the problems and confusion faced by divorce clients.

This page is offered by your Norfolk divorce attorney and is designed to provide specific Norfolk divorce information to assist you and your Norfolk divorce lawyer in procedure and services available to our Norfolk divorce and separation clients. Your Norfolk divorce lawyer will not only provide you with excellent legal counseling but would like to assist you in the separation and divorce process so that trauma of the divorce is minimized on you and your family. If you live in Norfolk, the marital home was in Norfolk, or your spouse lives in Norfolk, you Should contact the Norfolk divorce lawyers of The alliance legal group. Even if Norfolk does not have venue, If both the defendant and the plaintiff agree there may still be advantage in considering the “Ore Tenus” hearing as a means of expediting your divorce. Your Norfolk divorce lawyer will explain the advantages for your consideration. Come in today, low fees and payment plans available.

Norfolk Courts

Norfolk Circuit Court

100 St. Paul's Boulevard
Norfolk, VA 23510

Norfolk Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

800 East City Hall Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23510-2727

Norfolk Commissioner in Chancery for Divorce

Robert F. Hagans Jr.

Michael F. Fasanaro Jr,

Calvin H. Childress

Norfolk Divorce Attorney

The Law Offices of Steve C Taylor

Norfolk Divorce Lawyer:

7508 Granby St

Wards Corner

Norfolk Virginia, 23505

The Alliance Group

Norfolk Divorce Lawyer

735 Newtown Road

Suite 102

Norfolk Va. 23502

Norfolk Divorce and Separation Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation Center of Hampton Roads

(Separation and Divorce mediation)

(Agreements reached can be filed in court by your Norfolk divorce attorney)

800 Colonial Avenue
Norfolk, Virginia 23507

Norfolk Divorce Counseling

Tidewater Pastoral Counseling Services (Divorce and Marriage Counselors)

(referrals can be made by your Norfolk divorce lawyer)
First Presbyterian Church
800 Colonial Avenue

Norfolk Va


Christian Psychotherapy services (Marriage and divorce Counseling)

(referrals can be made by your Norfolk divorce lawyer)

142 W. York St.
Norfolk, VA
(757) 587-3223

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